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More than just peat ‘for peat’s sake’, Pete'Series is born of a single cask of Islay malt whisky produced with heavily peated barley. It had its first maturation in ex-bourbon wood, and was finished in a hand-selected sherry cask sourced from the land of sherry.


You will experience a full-bodied, seriously peated whisky, in an elegant combination with the subtle touches of the Pedro Ximenez sherry cask. This brings aromas of dried fruits such as raisins, figs and dates, accompanied by hints of honey, grape syrup, jam and candied fruit. At the same time, it is reminiscent of toasted coffee, dark chocolate, cocoa and liquorice.

We hope you will enjoy this whisky as much as we do.

 Glorious Bastard

F*ck purity, when intercask relations create something much more interesting, if not more beautiful. Glorious Bastard is the Scottish Single Malt son of a Bourbon cask.  After the first maturation, he was released from the mother cask and thereafter, he was raised to full maturity in a rare Single Malt cask previously used for ageing gin (NOG!).


You will experience a true Scotch at first taste, yet with a provocative heart of unexpectedly playful citrus tones and aromatic hints of tangerine, juniper, cocoa and coriander.

Enjoy Glorious Bastard neat, shaken up with just a drop of water or in a craft drink by your mixologist.

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